All Purpose - Near-sighted and Far-sighted glasses for Children and adults- Multiple focus adjustable
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What to buy as Christmas Present?

Here we are offering something special for this festive seasons.

No need to go to any optical shops to get your glasses prescribed. Hassle Free and convenient. 

Get one pair today!

Most of us have experience with conventional prescribed glasses. The new pair of glasses is required when the power of your eyes increased. Why hassle yourself for that? Get a SEEPLUS Clarity. Your power can be adjusted by turning the knob at the side of the lens. Either your are near-sighted or far-sighted. You are able to get your power from - 4.0D (400 for near-sighted) to +5.0D (500 for far-sighted). This glasses can be shared with others and the focus can be adjusted easily. Flexible frame and light weight body prevent the damages due to carelessness. The lens is made of Polycarbonate which is impact resisitant added to the duarability of the glasses. 

This product is made in Malaysia and designed in UK using Alvarez Dual Lens Technolpgy.


Get one pair today and you will be amazed how this glasses can help you!