SEEPLUS is a technology made simple for you to see the world with correct and clear vision.



It incorporates advanced Alvarez Dual Lens Technology.

The Alvarez Dual Lens is composed of two movable parts with a flat surface facing each other and a “Saddle Form” on the outer surfaces. The refractive power of the combined lenses varies proportionately with the amount of relative overlap of the two parts and the resultant lens thickness.

SEEPLUS Augment and Zoom eyeglasses are designed to correct near and farsightedness easily with a turn of a dial. These high tech engineered glasses are widely used around to the world to correct hyperopia, anisometropia and presbyopia.

Now you can focus efficiently with a simple turn of a dial.


Left and Right lenses are independently adjustable with a dial.

The two lenses are mounted within a frame spectacle assembly using a flexible screw (Dial/Adjuster). The screw also acts as the adjustment mechanism for the product, to vary the relative position of the two lenses. The left and right lenses can be adjusted independently to take account of variation in the user’s eyesight.